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Here are some pictures that I've had taken with
the band and some other people pic's as well.

For the picutres that have no text under them, put your cursor on them and it will tell you what they are of.

October 12, 2000

*Starting from left front row* Jason Rockman, Charity (Me!), Frank Salvaggio, Brittinie (my friend), Carol (my mom), *Back row from left* Rob Urbani & Andrea (my sis)
October 12, 2000
At the Agora in Cleveland

Kevin and the girls

Brit, Kevin Jardine, Andrea, & Me


Rob Urbani
Rock On!

Ozzfest 2000

July 18, 2000 at Polaris for OZZFEST!
Jason Rockman, Me!, and Frank Salvaggio

Rob getting ready to warm up

Rob warming up

Frank & Kevin


Frank, Jason, & Rob

Jason & Kevin

Jason & Rob

Jason, Rob, & Kevin


Kevin's handy work with his guitar

Andrea, Orlando, & Charity

Andrea, Orlando (the coolest stage hand in the world), & Me

Charity's signed arm

My signed arm.
Slaves On Dope
Inches From The Mainline
*Signatures from L to R* Jason, Frank, & Kevin

Rob's Signature

Rob's Signature on my Upper Arm
(Look.. he thinks I Rule)

Family picture

*On the ground* Jason
*Middle Row (From Left to Right)* Frank, Me, Brit, Kevin, Andrea, & Orlando
*In Back* Rob
November 27, 2000
At the Odeon in Cleveland


Slaves On Dope

If you have any pictures that you've taken of the band playing or whatever e-mail 'em to me and I'll try and put 'em up! Check out my "Contact Me" section to e-mail me. :)