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Here's the guys that I love so much...

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Jason Rockman
January 3, 1971


Kevin Jardine
Lead Guitar
December 22, 1972


Frank Salvaggio
Bass Guitar
November 10, 1975


Rob Urbani
March 23, 1975


Slaves On Dope started off their career in Canada and after a few years of touring they decided they were going nowhere. So off to Los Angeles they flew. They moved down there leaving their family and loved ones up in Canada. Once again they did heavy touring to get their name out there among the masses. They had record deals offered to them not long after. Right before they signed a contract they were approached by Sharron Osbourne who said that she like what she heard and wanted to sign them onto her new label Divine Recordings and they would have a spot on the Ozzfest 2000 tour. How could you not sign up for a deal like that! They immediately jumped on board. After their summer on Ozzfest they went out touring to hype up their new album, which would be released October 3rd. They headed out with hed (pe) & Spineshank and were greeted openly by their fans that discovered them from Ozzfest.

They have a legion of fans that call themselves "Slaves" due to their addiction to everything related to the band, looking for their next hit of "Dope". The guys go out and meet their fans (whom they call their Friends) every opportunity they can. They will sign anything if you ask them. They are probably the most down to earth band out there right now. They've sold over 25,000 records without even having radio play, a single, or music video. They've got a fan base that will support them 'till they can make music no more. Keep up the good work guys & Rock On!!!

Aren't they cute? Every girl should own one. ;)~