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I've searched all over the internet and have found a plethora of pages with information on Slaves On Dope. Click on the pictures or stuff below to find out more about this awesome band. Also let me know if I have any broken links.

Slaves On Dope official site

K-Girl's MSN Group - Full of pictures of the Band


Kevin & Frank - The Scene LA

Jason & Frank - Shoutweb

Frank - Shoutweb

Frank - Blistering

Jason - Priority Records


Montreal Online (mostly on Jason)



Blistering - Ozzfest 2000

Blistering - 10/12/2000

Dangerous Designs

Pictures By KJ

Shoutweb - Sno-Core Rock 2001 *

* when at the's photo section type in Slaves On Dope for a search. You will get 290 pictures to view of them dating from June 4th, 1999 to September 24th, 2000


Yahoo! Club

Slaves For Slaves On Dope Yahoo! Club

iNcHeS FRoM tHe MaiNLiNe Yahoo! Club

slaves on dope pushing me Yahoo! Club

Join their Street Team!

Fan Sites:

Michael's Site

Inches From The Mainline

Andrzej's Site

Colleen's site

Ozzfest Stuff:

Click on the band's name to see a cool pic of them after you enter this page

Audio and Video:


Modern Music - Concert Review of Sno-Core w/pictures

Concert Review 3/31/00

Slaves On Dope in the studio

OZZY kicked into submission by Slaves On Dope!