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Their Biggest Fan

Small in size, Big at heart...

My interest in Slaves On Dope spawned from Ozzfest July 18th, 2000 in Columbus Ohio.

My Ozzfest Story about the guys:

Slaves On Dope

It was my first Ozzfest ever and I was sooo excited. I planned for it for months. My friend Brittinie had an extra ticket and asked if I'd like to go. I wouldn't have to pay for the ticket as long as I gave her a ride down. I also had to take her friend Allison (whom I can't stand) and I made a deal with her so my sister could go for free since she had an extra ticket too.

It was an EXTREMELY hot day so we wore shorts and wife-beaters (they came in handy later). We started off at second stage and in-between acts we checked out the place. It got around 12:15 and Brit decided we should all go find a seat at the Main Stage so we could see Disturbed at 12:45. We checked out a few more things and decided to go over. As we were walking over there I could hear Slaves On Dope. I really wanted to go watch them 'cause I wanted to see at least one song from every band there. But they didn't wanna loose me since I was their ride. From what I could hear they sounded awesome!

Later on in the day we were over near Second Stage getting autographed and that's when we met Kevin & Frank. I ask Kevin to sign my chest on my wife-beater and he asked me if I was old enough and didn't believe me when I said I was 18. I told him to ask my sister and he didn't believe we were sisters, but he signed me there anyways. Frank signed the other side. (I have signatures from Shuvel, Pitchshifter, Disturbed, & Brandon Boyd of Incubus on my wife-beater.)

So later we were walking around and we ran into Frank & Jason. We talked to them and got the genius idea to get our pictures taken in the photo booth since we didn't have a camera. The guys walked over to the photo booth and got stopped like 10 times. Each of us girls have individual pictures taken with them (except my sister 'cause she was in line trying to get food and we lost her for a little while after that 'cause the pictures). Frank kissed Brit on the cheek and she got the biggest crush on him. I talked to Jason while Allison and Brit were all over Frank. Jason and me were kinda making fun of them.. it was cool. They told us to come over to the Second Stage at 5:00, since we were defiantly going to see Kittie, and they were gonna get us back stage to hang with them.

Kittie was done by the time we saw the guys again. We found Orlando (the greatest guy) and he took Brit backstage to find Frank so we could all get back there. It was about 10 mins. afterwards when she came back and got us back there. We hung out with the guys in their camper and they gave us SPF 15 sun block since we were REALLY burnt. Kevin showed us a pic of his girlfriend on a motorcycle in a bikini (we didn't wanna see that kind of picture). Then they told us we had to go watch Soulfly with them 'cause their drummer was playing with the band. When we went to leave with Kevin, Brit stopped to talk to someone and we got stuck backstage. We had to run back to their camper to get Jason's help to let us back up to the stage area.

After all the Second Stage acts were finished we hung out with Jason & Frank backstage. We talked about some stuff and I noticed a guy that looked just like Brandon Boyd of Incubus. Brit stupidly asked Jason if he was from Incubus (she didn't know exactly who he was..only I did) and he pushed her over there so she could talk to him. So all us girls got signed by him and were totally in shock that we were talking to Brandon. Brit sang a little Jewel for the guys. I could hear Godsmack playing and I was practically screaming at Brit to leave 'cause Godsmack was the one band I REALLY wanted to see. It wasn't until Jason told her that we better go over there or we'll miss out on a good show that she finally let us head over.

All of us girls promised the guys that we would see them next time they came to Ohio near us. They gave us their e-mail address so we could keep in touch until then. We've all written them since then and have seen them on both tours in Cleveland (except Allison missed the Soulfly tour). I told my mom all about them and she got their album as soon as it came out so we could hear the rest of their music (we got the Ozzfest C.D. sampler that had Tremolo on it so we knew one of their songs). I've taken my mom to the Soulfly tour to meet the guys and see 'em live, and the Crazy Town tour 'cause the guys wanted to talk to her some more.

I've done a LOT of promoting of the band. On every web site that has information on me I mention Slaves On Dope so I constantly have people asking me about them. I've given all my friends and fellow rock fans their bumper stickers to put on stuff. I wear one of their concert tee's at least once a week. I made this web page. I have their bumper stickers on every single note book I own and also on my weekly planner. I'm usually always talking about them for some reason. I've made tapes for all of my friends of Inches From The Mainline so they can listen to it. And if I win Slaves On Dope's Contest # 2 and get them 4 free tickets I'm planning on taking my friends with me 'cause I really want them to understand the kind of stuff I'm into since my musical taste is so much different than theirs.

I wouldn't call myself obsessed though. I'm just a BIG fan. When I REALLY like a band I'll do anything I can so everyone knows it. So far Slaves On Dope is the 4th band that I've been dedicated to, but the first that I've done so much for. I usually put up their pictures on my wall, make a note book with the lyric's and hand drawn pictures in it, own every magazine with them on the cover, and listen to their C.D. a LOT. But with Slaves On Dope instead of just pictures on my wall I have a poster with all my pictures with them and the stuff they autographed for me (except my wifebeater), I own almost all the magazines that just mention them, and I have a notebook for them just like the other one. I've done this for Aerosmith, Creed, and Korn. Creed is the only other band that has a notebook though.

Music is my life. I live for music. That's why I'm going into broadcasting. I wanna be a DJ on the radio so I can play the music I love. I think this is probably the best job for me that involves music. I've always wanted to do something that delt with music. Everyone in my family has musical talent. My father plays lead and bass guitar and was in a few bands in the 60's and 70's. My sister was in choir. I'm in choir and band (I play the flute and piccolo). I own 2 guitars; a beautiful right handed blue Ibanez (pictured on the right side of this page) and a left handed black and white Fender Stratocaster (I got it for Christmas 2000). So as soon as I get a job for a rock station I'll be playing Slaves On Dope every chance I get. ;)~

Rock On,

My Slaves On Dope Items:

*Wifebeater from Ozzfest signed by Kevin & Frank (and a LOT of other bands too)
*Ozzfest Picture with Jason & Frank also signed (see picture page to see it)
*Ozzfest book
*Ozzfest ticket
*Divine Recordings Ozzfest C.D. sampler featuring "Tremolo" by Slaves On Dope
*A baseball card
*A bunch of their NEW baseball cards
*TONS of bumper stickers
*Inches From The Mainline C.D.
*Poster signed by all of them
*Cardboard thing signed by all of them
*2 of Kevin's guitar picks
*Slaves On Dope Inches From The Mainline
*Album cover tee-shirt
*Bleeding band tee-shirt
*Hand beaded necklace that says "slaves on dope" (made by my sister)
*Crazy Town tour ticket
*Soulfly tour ticket
*SPIN magazine with them in it
*Metal Edge magazine December, January, February, & March with them in it
*Smug magazine with Kevin's "Good Times"
*Personally taken pictures of the band performing & pics of me with them (check out picture page to see 'em)
*My Slaves On Dope Notebook (I have a total of 4 bumper stickers on it. The first four pages have pictures of each band member along with their name and their role in the band. After that I have all the lyrics from Inches From The Mainline written in by me along with picture I drew that go with each song. Each of them signed their individual pages.)
*Hit Parader "Shooting Stars"
*"These are the ones you see on T.V" shirt
*Key chain
*"Slave Of Slaves On Dope" tank (made by me)
*Sno-Core back stage passes
*Pushing Me & Stick It Up C.D. sampler
*Set list from New Blood Tour (signed by all of them)
*Rob's drumstick signed personally to me
*Drum head (signed by all of them)
*Slaves On Dope*Factory 81 ticket
*Frank's pick
*Promo Picture (signed by all of them)
*Ozzfest Second Stage Live C.D.

Items still needed for my collection:

-The Blair Witch 2 soundtrack
-One Good Turn Deserves Another
-Nativity In Black 2 (Japanese version)
-wife beater
-black mini tee
-"Fuck You Fucker Fall" long sleeve tee
-Slaves Windbraker

Rock Star

Here I am dressed up as a Rock Star for Halloween with my blue Ibanez lead guitar.

Go to my links page and join their Yahoo! club. I'm a member. My name is ILoveRockman (all the other names I could think of were taken).

I'm also signed up for their Street Team (twice actually) even though I've gotten nothing.