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**This is everything you need to know about Ozzfest. The line-up, dates, set times, and even a Survival Guide. I'll post news as I get it. This site will be updated each year, as long as the fest is still going.**

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Ozzfest...the ultimate summer metal concert. Since 1996 Ozzfest has brought a slew of rock bands to the hoi poli. The youth of America has been waiting for a concert like this for years. A smaller version of Woodstock. Instead of 4 days, you get 1 day of heavy, crushin, head banging, mosh pitin, crowd surfin, rock/metal music with the God of metal himself leading the whole thing, Mr. Ozzy Osbourne.

It's one of those all day events. As the tickets say **RAIN OR SHINE** so make sure you go prepared. You get in about 10 in the morning and don't leave till 3:00 the next. You spend the whole day listening to some of your favorite bands and checking out new ones to see if you'd be interested in keeping an eye on them in the future. And by the end of it you get to relax with the entire crowd and listen to the man simply known as Ozzy. When you leave you'll have memories to speak of for years, and maybe even some "battle scars" to go with it.

Ozzfest has hosted the jumping point for new up-and-coming bands along with a place for the more stable and popular rockers. Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, & Godsmack, just to name a few, have gotten their big break by jumping on this unforgettable concert staple. By having a second stage full of new acts it's sure to bring some more up-and-comers into the Rock & Roll spot light, and maybe when they hit it big you can say "I saw them at Ozzfest before anyone even knew about them". Heck..you might even have their autograph.

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