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This is where people that have cool poems, art or whatever about Ozzfest get to show off their stuff. If you have something cool about Ozzfest, go to my Contact Me page and send it to me, if I like it, I'll put it up.

-Ozzfest 2k2-

by Terry (AKA SyKO)

The year is now 2002
and it appears to me.
That Ozzfest is is now fast approaching,
it's what we all hope to see.

This year started off pretty slow,
with bands being named quite late.
But now the lineup looks to be,
one of the better ones to date.

There is very little rap,
to be found on this year's Fest.
And I won't have a lot of time,
to eat or sit and rest.

Starting off the day,
might be the band called Flaw.
"Payback" just has to be,
one of the creepiest videos I ever saw.

Up next is one of my faves,
a band by the name of Soil.
They got added to the first half,
Now I feel a little spoiled.

Otep I don't care for,
I'm not a fan of rap.
They remind me of a band,
with a guy with a red cap.

3rd Strike is kinda cool,
I've only heard a bit.
But they sound better than half these new bands,
that all sound quite like shit.

The next band I like,
though most would call them gay.
Didn't have to think too hard,
yep, it's Andrew W.K.

Chevelle is new to me,
their sound I have not heard.
But I'll see them anyway,
that I'm reassured.

Pulse Ultra and Neurotica,
are also new to me.
But they will be there with the rest,
that I came to see.

Lostprophets are pretty cool,
they kind of have an edge.
I'll have to hear some more though,
before my alligence makes it's pledge.

I fucking love Ill Nino,
their name alone is sweet.
They're a band that I would
really like to meet.

Apex Theory bores me,
they're really nothing new.
I guess that will be my time,
to find some chick to screw.

Hatebreed and Meshuggah,
bless this bad ass fucking bands.
I really hope their fans go nuts,
and butcher N'SYNC fans.

Down saved the Fest,
you better bet your ass.
Goddamn I fucking stoked,
Phil has major class.

On to the mighty mainstage,
where the bands seem to have made it.
Even though sometimes some bands
really sound like shit.

Zakk Wylde rules the roost,
he is the fucking man.
He can throw a better show,
than Limp dick Bizkit can.

Adema frontman pisses me off,
in the worst fucking way.
He pulls that "poseur" rock star crap,
I bet he's probably gay.

Drowning Pool ain't so bad,
I'll likely enjoy them more.
I didn't know they sang that song
"Let the bodies hit the floor".

Pussies on Dope is what
P.O.D. means to me.
But by that time I'll probably
have to go and take a pee.

God bless Rob Zombie,
he definately one of the best.
He is another reason I am
psyched about the Fest.

Then there's System of a Down,
who's name is hard to rhyme.
They rule a lot of ass you see,
they should be on by nine.

Now we have the God,
of all things that are rock.
Ozzy is my fucking hero,
Durst can SUCK MY COCK!

Yep this will be,
one hell of a fucking show.
Some bands will own ass,
while others will surely blow.

All in all it going to be,
one awesome fucking time.
Now I can take a break,
from these stupid fucking rhymes.

God bless you all.....

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