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August 22, 2003
Well, I finally decided to update this here site. Yeah, I took a lot of stuff off. The actual Ozzfest site gave a LOT of good info this year. So from now on the only new stuff that will be added on this site will be set lists of the bands playing each year. I'll be keeping the basic questions and survival guide up FOREVER 'cause they are VERY handy, and so is how to sneek in a camera. So every year newbies, and oldies can come back here and know what to expect when attending the fest. So now you know.
Rock On,

July 12, 2002 - 11:36pm
I have bad news about Ozzfest. I JUST got this in my Ozzfest news letter:
The July 24 Raleigh date has been cancelled,
with the rescheduled Pittsburgh date will
take place then. The August 15 Cincinnati
date has been cancelled, with the Bristow,
Va. show being rescheduled then.
It's bullshit. But what can you do. It's official now. So go spread the word if you know people attending any of these 4 shows.

July 12, 2002
Ok, I suck. I've been kinda slacking on working on this site. And putting up the news that you ALL want to know. Like that the first two shows have been "postponed", what the actual set times are (which I now have on here), and the gossip about the one postponed show cancelling out the NC show (don't believe it till you see it on the official site).
But I have been doing some work on this here site. There's a LOT more that has yet to be added and such. But I'm going to be getting it done as soon as I can. I've been quite busy and haven't been on the computer much to update and such. I appologise to all of you that come to my site hoping to get the news as soon as it happens.
Now to new stuff: I'm asking all of you people that have went to the show (or that are going to the show) to e-mail me your reviews. I only need one review per show. Whoever has the best will be posted here on my site. And I would also LOVE if you could give me the set list of all the bands (if not all then at least a few) so that I can post it on here for the people that have yet to go to the show. It'd be a BIG help. You'll get credit for it. Just let me know what name you want me to put on it for you.
Rock On,

April 16, 2002
Well, I'm doing a LOT of construction on this site, so you'll probably be seeing a lot of un-finished, or not done pages. So don't mind the mess. I'm working on it.
I've added pictures of the bands and if you click them they will take you to the band's web site. This is on the line-up page; for now. I might be splitting it up 'cause that's a lot of pictures on one page, so I've been told.
So bare with me, and enjoy the page. If you've got any info that you think I should add, feel free to e-mail me, or catch me on the Ozzy board.
Rock On,

April 12, 2002
I finally put up the Survival Guide, it's a long ass list. But it tells you everything you need to know if you want to enjoy the fest.
Rock On,

April 11, 2002
I just added the UK line up on the line up page. And added a "Fun Stuff" page which will contain poems, art, etc, that has to do with Ozzfest.
If there is anything that you think I should add to this page, feel free to let me know. Go to my Contact Me page to drop me a line. Or even the links page and get on my "Charity's Realm" message board.
Rock On,

April 8, 2002
This site was just made, so all the news that's out there is all over the web, and everyone already knows what's going on. So if there are any updates that you need to know about, I'll be posting them here.
Rock On,