The Basics

The basic information about the fest


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This information varies from venue to venue. For the best info, jump onto an Ozzfest board and ask the people that have been to the same venue you are going to so you can get the exact info you would want so you know what you need to know to make your Ozzfest enjoyable.
This is just information that I compiled from the board and questions that were asked. If you have more questions that aren't answered on this site at all that you would like to know, go to my Contact Me page and let me know so I can post your question and get it answered. Because if you're wondering, then there is probably someone else that is too.
1. How long does Ozzfest run daily? (i.e when does it usually start then end)
Doors usually open around 9am and it ends around 11pm

2. I know it's been asked, but ticket prices would be nice to know again.
It depends on the venue and if you have lawn or actual seat. Prices range from $25 - $175

3. Does Main stage and second stage play at the same time? Do they rotate between them?
Second stage plays first, then Main Stage starts about 10 minutes after the second stage headliners are done.

4. How long are the sets for each band?
Second stage gets 30 minutes, but the headliner gets 45 minutes. Then it varies on the Main Stage depending on the place in the line up. Usually the openers get 30 mins then it goes up from there to around an hour or more. Of course Ozzy gets the longest set.

5. Will I get laid? (heh heh)
It depends. If you do, then good for you. If you don't, oh well.

6. What's with the booths?
Here are what some of the booths were last year: There were the booth where you could get something physically done to you; real tattoo's, hennia tat's, piercings, and body painting. There were the merchant booths that sold jewelry, clothes, stickers, drug stuff, flags, posters, cds, etc. Then there were the free stuff places; Jager, SoBe, Sony Playstation, & Streetwise/Hot Topic. Also there were places to play games. And of course you can't forget about the signing booth, where you can meet the bands and get their autographs.

7. How long are the intermissions between each set?
They can range from 5 - 25 minutes, depending on how long it takes them to change the stage and get the band on it.

8. Is there any special effects (i.e. lights, pyro, strippers, etc.) during the sets?
The only people that have special effects are usually the last three bands on Main Stage.

9. Give me a ball park figure on how much food, bevearges, and memorobillia costs.
Food and drinks are expensive. Last year I payed like $10 for a burrito, it was good and big, but it cost too much. Someone said they paid $6 for a hot dog, $4 for juice. Water is like $3 or $4. Beer is like $8 or more. Shirts range from $25 - $50 depending on what you want. Tour books are like $15.

10. If I have reserved seating, does that mean I will ALWAYS be able to get back to my seat like if I leave during a band I don't like? Or will I have to mosh my way back?
If it's an actual seat then as long as you keep your ticket stub on you you'll have no problem getting back to it.
There is no seating for the second, it's standing room only so you have to fight for your spot. The only time that ticket comes in handy is for main stage.