The art of Sneeking a camera into Ozzfest

The tricks of the trade


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Ok. For every venue it says no camera's. I've been to 2 ozzfests and I've seen people with camera's, even right in front of the stage security and they don't do anything. I think they basicly think, if you were smart enough to actually sneek it in then you can use it.

It's a LOT harder for guys to sneek in camera's 'cause they get patted down, fully. But as I know of, the only place a guy can hide a camera is with their private area, 'cause security isn't alowd to touch you there.

It's easier if you're a girl. So if you have a female friend, girlfriend, mom, or whatever going with you, they'll be able to sneek your camera in for you. They can either put it in with their boobs, down the front of their pants, or they can take the easy way. Last year we discovered that if you rip out the inside of a maxi pad and then wrap the wraper and such around your camera it'll look like a pad and they won't think anything of it. Soooo much easier then hoping they won't discover it on your body.

Then there's the other risky way. You could have someone go in then go to an ungaurded area of the fence inside the venue, and you can toss your camera in to them then go inside. It's quite risky 'cause you have to watch out for fence security. And it also depends on if the venue you're going to is set up to where you can do something like that.

That's the best advice I can give you on that matter. I hope it helps. Good luck.

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