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What A Girl Wants

What I'm looking for in a guy


longish, dark hair

light colored eyes (perferably blue)

taller than me, but not towering

physically fit
not very hairy
good teeth
good hygene
tattoo's and piercings are an added bonus
*for my views of what's attractive view the pictures below

NO drugs, doesn't drink or smoke
funny, good sense of humor
intelligent, but not to the point of making ME feel stupid
confident, but not overly so
has an eclectic taste in music but prefers rock of all types (rock, classic rock, metal, heavy metal, goth, intustrial, nu-metal, alturnative, etc.). No country though, ick.
could enjoy going to goth night
would enjoy attending Rocky and not get pissy about me being in it (in my undies)
not overly jealous about things
would not dictate what I can and cannot wear
gets along with my family
loves going to concerts
doesn't get pissy when I DON'T want him around (when I need alone time or need to be with my friends)
likes cats
doesn't/won't treat me like a trophy
is trustworthy
good personality
honest and open
talkative but not too talkative (i.e. someone who likes to hear them selves talk)
interested in more than just my body
is o.k. with my differentness
isn't going to try to change me
gets along with my "second" family (the most important one) [my second family is my friends, without them I am nothing]
is ok with just sitting around watching tv, or going out and being social (anti-social people and me don't mix well)
not violent (guys who wants to physically fight with someone for anything upsets me. It's a lot more respectable to walk away from a fight then to start one. And you never know when one day they could turn on you.)
can understand my need for space/freedom and would not try to tie me down
wouldn't lie to me (I don't trust guys to start with, so lying to me is never a good idea, I will eventually find out)
isn't afraid to share their thoughts and feeling (I'm a bit closed off at times, but if the other person is willing to share with me, I'll be willing to share back to the best of my abilities)
is going to do something with their life (my dad would like me to be with someone that has direction. Not someone who's going to drag me into the hole with them.)
would support me no matter what
stand up for me when I'm being talked about behind my back
**More to come.... I just have to think some more**