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Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

If you want to know some more information on me just look at this page and search for the subject you want to know most about ok?

NICKNAMES: Chair, Cherry, Chip, Chirp, Chirpadee, Chip-a-wa, Chairpage, Chairbear, Evil Puppy, Squeeky, Hardcore Loser

DESCRIPTION: I'm female. My natural hair color is really dark brown almost black but I dyed it. It's now calico, and the front strips of my hair are red and the rest of my tips are dark's cool. Dark brown eyes, 5 foot 1 inches tall, and 97 lbs.

SIGN: I'm 21. Born on June 19th, 1982. I'm a true Gemini.

LOCATION: My House, Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio, U.S.A., North America, Earth


STATIS: I'm in love with my boyfriend Clay.  YAY! He makes me EXTREMELY happy and I love him. (picture comming soon)

What A Girl Wants

The info below is in the past since I graduated May 25, 2001. Also, I'm too old to be in 4-H now.

SCHOOL: I go to Hopewell-Loudon high school in Bascom, Ohio. I'm in the Marching, Concert, and Pep band and also a member of the Choir. I'm the newspaper editor for the Chieftain Beat and I'm a part of the yearbook staff. I'm planing to go to Tera Community College after high school to take my required classes then go to Bowling Green State University to pursue a career in Broadcasting. I also want to be an author, singer, and an actress.

ACTIVITIES: I'm a member of the Hopewell-Loudon Sheep and Small Animals 4-H club. I'm currently the President and Treasurer. I've been the Vice-President and Reporter. I show sheep and rabbits at our county fair every year and a different non-animal project every year also. In 1999 I was the Lamb and Wool Queen and this year I'm the 2000-2001 Seneca County Jr. Fair Royalty.

Favorite Stuff

Color: Blue
Flower: DEEP red rose
Place: My room
Area to be: The woods
Food: Italian
Drink: Sprite

Favorite Quotes

"Don't sweat the petty things, just pet the sweaty things"

"When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there."

"Long live Rock & Roll!"

"If it's too loud, you're too old"

"It's a Giant Panda! Don't you know a Giant Panda when you see one?"