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Here's what I think...


Ok people since most of you don't understand I'm going to explain this to you. When I say "I am currently without religion" that does NOT mean I'm an Atheist; it means that I am not affiliated with a specific religious group. My family is Prodestant.... I am not; I may go to the Union United Church Of Christ every Christmas eve and sometimes during other holiday's but I will NOT say I'm of the Prodestant religion. I DO believe in God but I don't think I need to go to church to be lectured about how I'm suppose to live my life. The only religious thing I think can't be completely true is the Bible.. I know a lot of you are gasping with horror right now but it's hard for me to believe that Moses parted the Red Sea, turned the Nile to blood, had a burning bush talk to him or sent plagues upon Egypt OR that the Earth was totally flooded over & there was only 2 of every creature on Noah's Ark 'cause that would mean that there was a WHOLE lot of inbreeding going on... and if that's true then there would be a LOT of genetic disorders in this world. I do have Strong beliefs that there IS a God out there 'cause , being the weird person that I am, I asked for a sign. When I looked at my hands I had a single red indentation in the center of my palm on both hands that lasted for 2 weeks. Now try & tell me that wasn't a sign!

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