My poem


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Do you see my here before you in all my glory?
I put the bow in my hair just for you
I ran home crying when you didnt notice
I told the lady in the office that I had the flu

I slammed my head into my pillow
Trying to block out the thoughts
But suicide was my answer
And cause of you I will pay the cost

I tried so hard to make you notice
But you didnt even glance my way
Once I did have you near me
You tried really hard and got away

So now I walk to the water
Which is now my watery grave
My body slowly sinks in
And I wait for my lungs to cave

Now Im sinking deeper
Now my air is getting thin
Now I have problems breathing
Now my death is sinking in

Now my eyes are hazy
Now I start to die
Now I see your face before me
Now I want to cry

Now its just a vision
Now its just not real
Now Im having pains
Now I dont want to feel

Now I look to the shore
Now youre standing there
Now I think Im hallucinating
Now the wind is blowing through your hair

Now I know that you are real
Now it is too late
Now Im dead in the water
Now you should have noticed at a sooner date

Now youre splashing into the water
Now I am still dead
Now you see my body floating
Now you see my head

Now you are running
Now youre already too late
Now you pick me up
Now you resperate

Now you bring me to the shore
Now you lay me on the ground
Now you see the bow in my hand
Now you start to frown

Now you try to bring me back
Now Im far too gone
Now you give me C.P.R
Now my soul says so long

I cough and look you in the eyes
What are you doing here?"
I saw you drive here in your car
So I decided Id appear

Why did you bother to save my life?
You never cared before
Ive always cared for you
But I thought you would think I was trying to score

Why didnt you look at me,
While I passed you in the hall?
Because I thought if I looked at you
Your beauty would cause me to fall

What about your reputation,
Dont you even care?
That, I dont give a damn
I just hope that its my right that youll wear

My heart pounded in my chest
As he put his ring on my finger
I know for sure that that one feeling
For years will defiantly linger

Luckily I didnt die that day
Since that day our hands didnt part
Weve been together ever since
Just like the feelings in each others heart