A short story written by 3 people


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This story was written by me and 2 of my friends when we were in 7th grade. Each of us took a turn and wrote 2 sentences then passed it to the next person and it just went in circles. I wrote the ending.



      The musty smell crept into Kristin's nose. She could only make out a tree and hanging from it was a lifeless limp body. The man hung naked as she fell to the ground, her knees sinking into the mud. What had become of this night, the night her and her boyfriend Mika were sitting under the stars kissing, they were so madly in love. It all started when Mika said they were going to break up. She lost control and attacked him like an animal. She grabbed the pocketknife from his back pocket and tore his body up. Then she stumbled off into the darkness, her cloths drenched in her lover's blood. The knife she killed him with she still held clenching. The knife dripped red blood. She somehow found herself back at the tree. She looked down at the knife and threw it into the howling wind. The only thing to do was run and hide. Hide from the horror of this night. Bloody tears ran down her face. All of the sudden something hit her stomach. It was the exact knife she got rid of! She grabbed fistfuls of her hair and pulled. She fell onto her knees and thought, "I killed a man, and revenge was taken. If I should die it should be by now. By my lovers tree of death." Slowly her black blood spilled over her Guess Jeans and the skin around the knife sealed onto it. There was a sudden laughter, and out of nowhere came a demon. He had red glowing eyes and long sharp fangs. Kristin slowly pulled the knife from her oozing wound. As she pulled the knife out of the wound it seemed as if it was healing shut. The demon laughed and said, "You are my eternal prisoner. You now will have to rome the earth, sucking blood from others to complete my evil." Kristin could feel fangs growing in her mouth.
     Kristin howled like a wounded wolf and searched frantically for the demon, but he was gone. She looked down for the last time at her human stomach, then the very last of it healed and forever more she would wander the earth morning her lost Beloved.