Mr. X

A short story


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      Alone she stood in the deserted high school hallway. The bell was seconds away from ringing. She could see the shadows of the students, through the tinted glass, ready to sprint to their next class. She stood there facing the senior section of the lockers. Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes she let out an earth-shattering scream. Every door flew open and the students spilled out of their classrooms to see what was going on. The scream lasted 15 seconds and was the same pitch of the bell when it rang. Then she stopped so abruptly the hallway fell dead silent. Only the thudding of shoes running towards the girl broke the silence.
     "Whats wrong Faith?"
the girl asked her friend.
     "What do you mean?" Faith answered back unemotionally as if just woken up from a dream.
     "Why were you screaming like that?" she asked franticly, searching her friends face for some kind of answer.
    " I was screaming?" Faith questioned in a monotone voice.
     "Yes!" her friend yelled at her.
     Faith simply turned her head and looked out the windows of the door. She looked thoughtfully for a moment, and then shrugged her shoulders. "Hum." All the sudden she stumbled forward like she was pushed from behind but no one was there. On the spot Faith was standing there were 2 bloody footprints that didnt belong to her.
     "Oh my god! Are you hurt?" her friend pleated.
     "Its not my blood."
     She got down on her knees and studied the bloody shoe marks. She stared at them for a second and her eyes grew wide.
     "I know whose foot prints these are!" she yelled as she stood up and ran outside, her friend traveling right behind her.
     Faith ran her hand over the imprinted concrete. There on the school sidewalk was a shoe print that matched the bloody prints in the school.
     "Remember last year when Mr. X came here to be our new principal?" Faith asked.
    " He told us that he used to go to school here and when they laid out the concrete for the sidewalk he stomped his foot here to Leave his mark!" she yelled.
     She kept her hand on the imprint until she felt a liquid substance flow onto her fingers. She quickly drew her hand away and saw the hole fill with blood. When the footprint became full, the blood flowed out of it and shaped its self to form the name Crystal. Pure hatred twisted onto her face as she took off running back into the school.
     "Faith!?! he friend called after her." She looked at the ground and nothing was there. "Whats wrong with her?"
     Faith burst into the principals office almost shattering the door on impact.
     "Excuse me but Im on an important call Faith. You will have to wait in the other room until Im finished," the principal said scornfully.
     She quickly walked up to him. Yanked the phone out of his hand and slammed it on the receiver.
     "Thats a detent.." he started to say.
     "You killed her didnt you?!" she yelled at him forcefully.
     He was just about to ask her what she was talking about when he saw the glimmer of violet in her eyes. He gasped in horror as her face twisted into that of her deceased relative Crystal.
     "YOU KILLED ME DIDNT YOU?!" she screamed almost knocking him off his feet.
     "Why wont you just stay dead!" he yelled.
     He picked up the letter opener off his desk and stabbed in into her flesh. Impaling her right through the heart. Her blood squirted out of her chest onto his hands and dripped out of the corner of her mouth. Her tan skin turned back to Faiths white and she died. Staining his soul once again.

     "DDDDIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!" Mr. X screamed as he woke up abruptly from his nightmare.
     Sweat clung to his skin as he noticed the lightening crashing outside. The window was open and blowing water into his room.
     "Thank god. It was just a dream," he sighed.
     Then he noticed a tall, slender female standing next to his bed. The tan of her skin camouflaged her in the darkened room. A large gust of wind blew through the window and moved her long dark hair off her thin shoulders. A bright bolt of lightening lashed and reflected the cold silver of a blade in her violet eyes.
     "Miss me?" Crystal asked as she lunged at him with the knife pointed at his heart.