Into Darkness

The end of a story


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       I wrapped my wings tighter around myself as I stared at the destruction before me. It all happened because the mortals fear of my kind, they couldnt live with the fact that we actually exist so they decided to destroy us. Too bad it didnt work out as planned and it destroyed them all. I do miss Christopher. We had something special, kind of magical. Yet I couldnt cry. They brought it on themselves. I thought that they would all be different than the rest. I guess no matter how hard I try I wont be able to stop human nature.  I leaned myself against the tree and waited. Then a bright blue light glided towards me from behind and spoke softly.
     "It wasnt your fault," he whispered.
    " I know," I said as the light took a human male form.
     "You warned them but they'll never listen," he said as he stepped beside me and looked out over the corpses and ash.
     "Will they ever?" I asked as I looked into my fathers identical blue eyes.
     "Maybe, but it will be hard to stop human nature they can stop it on their own if they try. But they are too arrogant, lazy, and ignorant."
     "So where to next?" I asked as I spread my wings and started to fly.
     The man turned back into the blue light and followed beside me as we flew into the stars. The sky was the darkest black possible. I stopped suspended in the air for a moment while I watched the planet we were just on explode into a star. The shock waves vibrated through the stillness and we were hit by a blast of heat. Then I started to cry. It finally hit me that I will never see Christopher, Angelic, Christian or any of the others again.
     "You loved him didnt you?" the being asked.
     "What is it like?" he questioned as we flew on through the galaxy to find our new home.
     "It is the best feeling you could have created. Its perfect. Anyways, were are we going next?" I asked.
     "This one planet in the next galaxy. Its populated by some ravenous dinosaurs at the moment but Ill take care of them."
     "Thats good. So are you going to join me on this one?" I asked as I stared at the little planet looming in front of me.
     "Not really. Im going to be there in the beginning to let them know where they come from. Im hoping that this thing religion will change these humans attitudes and help you out"
     "Thanks. Maybe this planet will be the one that will be our perfection?" I looked in front of me, as the beautiful blue oceans on the planet seemed to glow.
     "So what will we call it?" I asked excitedly.
     "Earth," he whispered in my ear.
     "Earth I like it," I said as we flew to our new home.