The Begining of a story


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     You see me as nothing but a pawn in the game of life. Im not. Im just a figment of your imagination, and youre my pawn. Just think, whatever happens to you I decide.

     The first time we met wasnt very pleasant. It wasnt even in real life. You were dreaming.

     You were standing in a beautiful wide-open field. The plush green grass had crystallized dew on it and made your feet wet. The flowers were in full bloom; their scents flooded you nose and filled your blood. Filling the field were animals. There were rabbits, deer, cats, leopards, bears, you name it! As you were walking through the field you spotted me a yard and a half away and stopped. I was wearing a sleeveless sky blue dress that billowed to the ground and covered my bare feet. I spotted you and smiled while a light breeze played with my long dark hair, but you didnt smile back. You thought I was a stuck up whore! Any time you think anything bad on this field horror happens, and it did.

     You didnt even realize what you did wrong, but the wind picked up into heavy gusts. The animals sensed the danger and scampered into the woods on both sides of you. You didnt even think you were in danger. You were wrong.

     A frown saddened my face and I sank into the dirt with my head down on my chest. Then you knew something wasnt right, but it was too late, you couldnt move. Your feet were stuck in the hard brown earth. You tried to pull your feet out of your shoes but to no relief. So you waited for what was next to come.

     Then the rain started. At first you heard the three highest notes on the piano playing back and forth, like a light drizzle. Then tiny droplets of water started falling from the sky, which was an exquisite shade of turquoise. Then a loud pounding crash from the lower keys brought in the ebony clouds. Immediately you knew it was an electrical storm and pulled harder at your ankles, but your feet wouldnt budge.

     A blazing bolt of lightening struck right in front of you and left a scorching black hole in the soil. You opened your mouth to scream but no sound came out. One of your many punishments.

     The rain started to pour down hard and turned the ground into mud. In a flash you pulled your feet up out of the grime and tried to run but the earth was soupy and your feet kept sinking back into it. Then the ground in front of you opened up and a blood red light shined up into the heavens. Then slowly I rose back up from the darkened hole, but I didnt quite look like me. My hair flowed to the ground and instead of a light blue dress with no sleeves I had on a long, Victorian, red dress with long, belled sleeves. The velvet clung tightly to me and showed off my strong figure.

     Not a single drop of water touched me, but you were drenched. The water streamed through your hair and dripped off the tips, onto your face and neck. You were horrified at the sight of me, but there was more to come. My eyes, which were tightly shut, flashed open. Instead of beautiful dark brown that matched my hair, my eyes were a gorgeous scarlet red the glowed with the intensity of the sun.

     My long dark hair flew around my face then gathered at my back, and with one quick snap my hair whipped you across the face. It made a large gash on your cheek. Your deep, red blood mixed with the rain and flowed down your face dripping onto your chest. You reached up and touched it, but it stung because of the salt on your skin.

     You tried to call me a bitch but you forgot you couldnt talk. I quickly chanted an incantation and instead of rain falling from the clouds, daggers impaled the air. You tried to avoid them but a big gust of wind blew one into you back. The air pushed the sharp piece of metal deep into your spine. You reached back and pulled the deadly weapon out. Your crimson red blood flowed down your back and into the saturated ground. Your body fell hard on the tenderized mud as I slowly walked over to you and watched as you bled to death. Your lifeless corpse lay there as I bathed my hands in your blood, like Brutus did after he slew Caesar, to show I was the first battle on my turf. Now I had to meet you in the flesh. On your ground, in your town. The battles have just begun, but when we wage war nothing will survive.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" a scream burst out of Noahs mouth.

     "What the fuck was that?!"

     He knew hed get no answer but he had to ask. The dream abruptly woke him up breathing heavily. Sweat dripped off his eyebrows into his eyes. He could still feel the dagger in his back, and then he suddenly got a horrible stabbing pain in his heart.

     "Who was she? Ive never seen her before. What would she want to kill me?" he questioned as he put his hand over his heart.

     "What am I thinking?! It was just a damn dream! None of its real! But if its not, then why do I have this throbbing pain in my chest?" he thought to himself.

     Slowly the pain diminished and he went back to sleep. Immediately after he closed his eyes he saw her face, but it quickly faded and he had a good night of sleep, dreaming about him screwing every Bay Watch girl. I wont go into detail cause boys have sick minds.
      He woke up the next morning screaming, one of the girls actually said No to him. And it was his dream! He tiredly got out of bed and walked out and over to the bathroom, then shut and locked the door. He turned on his C.D. player, which had the Offspring C.D. in it. Then he reached over and turned on the hot water with a little bit of cold. The steam rolled out of the tub and filled the room as he took off his boxers. He quickly hit the memory button and Pretty Fly (For a white guy) came one. Then he jumped into the shower and shut the curtain.

     The water was scolding hot and turned all his skin a burning pink, but he didnt mind. A cold gust of air blew through the shower curtain and brushed away the steam at the other end of the tub. Then he saw her in her sky blue dress. She was beautiful. Not a drop of water touched her, just like in his dream. He had to know if she was real. He reached out his dripping wet hand and touched her face. It was so soft and perfect. She closed her eyes and smiles. He was overcome with happiness. Then her lovely blue dress changed into the red velvet one and her hair lengthened and flowed to the bottom of the tub, but he wasnt afraidyet.

     Her eyes were still closed, but her eyelids were glowing red. It hurt his eyes to look at them, but he couldnt tear them away. The burning red glow made him forget that his hand was still on her face; he soon realized that he shouldve never placed it there to start with.

     Her eyelids flashed open and the blood red light bore down into his soul. He was hypnotized. She twisted her head around to face his hand. She pulled her hand up and held his in hers. She slowly pulled his hand to her mouth. She started to suck on his fingers and licked her tongue down the side of his hand. She opened her mouth some more and bit down, digging her sharp teeth into it. His blood flowed into her mouth and some of it escaped and slid down her chin, leaving little red trials and dipped off. He guessed that she didnt like the taste of his blood cause she let go of his hand, turned and faced the shower wall. Then puckered her lips together, like she was going to whistle, and blew out the crimson liquid. It splattered and held its place.

     He started to feel the pain of the puncture wound. It traveled up his arm, onto his spine and exploded into his brain. The pain was excruciating. She saw his pain and the glow in her eyes dimmed a little. Just as he was about to scream she pulled his body to hers and placed her lips on his. Her lips were like nova cane; they took away all his pain. Her lips were smooth and warm, he never wanted to pull away, but her quickly realized he was getting aroused by it and he remembered the was completely naked. He could feel the velvet of her dress against his skin.

     He knew that if he didnt push her away soon, he would be fully erect and shed probably have a stain on her beautiful dress. When he reached his hands up to push her away, she slowly pulled her lips from his and took a step back. A soft velvety laugh came from her direction but she showed no sign that it was coming from her. Her eyes were soft and a delicate smile played on her lips. Then the soft laughter grew into a hurricane inside his head. It was pure evil. He put his hands up to his ears and tried to block out the demonic sound, but the laughter only got louder. Her features remained soft as she took a step closer to him. She placed her hands on his finely toned pecks, and moved her thumbs back and forth massaging them. Underneath the horrible thundering of evil he could hear Somewhere Over The Rainbow being sung beautifully, but it was being drowned out so he had to strain to hear it. Then she looked directly into his eyes and hers grew cold once again. An evil smile twisted itself upon her perfect mouth. She pulled her hands away from his fully developed chest and quickly pushed him hard with the might of a thousand bulls. His body slammed hard against the wall and it slipped down. He banged his head on the faucet, knocking himself out conscience.