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Updates/ News

On this page I'm putting all the updates on what's going on right now in this. As soon as I know if they can go it will be put up on here. Also there are pictures of dresses that I'm considering if they guys actually go.

The Dresses

1 - Fake Leather Ballgown from

2 - Vinyl Gown from

3 - Vinyl Ballgown from

4 - PVC Ballgown from

** Click on the dresses to go to the sites I found them at**


1 - Black 6 inch healed platforms


2 - Black 5 inch healed ankle wraped with knot


3 - Lace-up sandal on 5" platform wedge




I mailed out my letter in the afternoon some time to the guy's e-mail address and Franks. Around 8:00pm my dad comes in to the computer room and informs me that there's a phone call for me. I asked him who it was and he said it was some british sounding guy. So I pick up the phone and they guy says "Hi Charity. You don't know who this is do you?" of course I had NO idea. He was like "This is Frank". I stupidly responded "Really?". He just laughed. He told me that he was checkin' his e-mail and got my letter asking them to prom. He said that my letter just made his day. He wanted to head back to California (he was in Canada) but he didn't have one of his work permits and they wouldn't let him go. He said my letter was the sweetest thing he ever read and it made his day a lot better. Then he told me that if the band is free that day he would DEFINATLY go to prom with me. We talked for about 30 minutes more and that was it. As soon as I hung up the phone I was jumping around the house going out of my mind. I was soooooo happy. He just made MY day. Then I check out my e-mail and I got a letter from Kevin saying that if they are free that day that he'll go too. I'll never forget this day.


I went to Sno-Core Rock up in Cleveland and got to talk and hang out with my boys. I asked Rob and Jason if they read my letter asking them to prom. They told me that they didn't even know about it. So I told them the basics of it and they both said they would love to go. So now all four of the guys said they will definatly go with me to prom if they aren't in Europe on May 5th. Wish me luck!

March 25, 2001
Well today I checked out the guys web site because I was just informed by some people in the Yahoo Club that it was updated. They added a new Road Report and Tour dates for their first Headlining Tour...and guess what. On May 5th they will be in Amherst, MA preforming...NOT going to prom with me. So after all my hard work looking for the perfect dress and shoes and having all of you tell me what you think it ends up being for nothing. I'm crushed. Horribly..but I'll get over it one of these days..maybe.

Anyone know a good rock band that might be free May 5th and willing to take me to Prom??? j/k

The End