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Letter #1

To Slaves On Dope

Hi Jason, Kevin, Rob, & Frank,
Ok. Well in the U.S. we have a thing called prom. It's a big dance in the last month of the school year where all the Seniors and Juniors dress up REALLY nice and dance the night away. It's a HUGE event. "After Prom" is usually at the YMCA. We go swimming and gamble. It's fun. This year a bunch of friends have invited me to pitch in to ride in a limo! But I know I'll feel totally out of place 'cause I'll probably not have a date. I always have a date to our school dances (never the same person twice though) & it'll really suck to go dateless to my Senior Prom which is one of the biggest events during Senior year (coming only second to Graduation). It's always been a dream of mine to take a music star to my Senior Prom. When I was little it was Michael Jackson (*rolls eyes* I know.. but he was cool at the time and I was like 5. I didn't know any better), then as I got older I wanted to take a Rock Star. Last year my goal was to ask Kirk Hammet (from Metallica) to my Senior prom but I realized that I'd have no chance in hell being that he's EXTREMELY famous, married, & he probably won't even get my letter. So my dream was kinda crushed. Then on November 27, 2000 at the Odeon I thought "Why not ask one of the guys from Slaves On Dope?". So here I am.. asking all of you (I'll understand if Jason doesn't wanna since he's married or Kevin 'cause last I knew he had a girlfriend. It'd be awesome if all of you could go though.) to go with me to my Senior prom and make my wish come true. I will do EVERYTHING in my power to either convince one of you to go or get you there. If you wanna go but don't think you'll be able to, try and convince your management to let you. Prom is on May 5th, the first Saturday in May.
If you have to you can check out my criminal record (even though I've never committed a crime in my life). You can send a team of people to check out the place where prom is held to make sure there's no bombs, or snipers or whatever. You can talk to everyone that knows me to make sure I'm not a total freak or stalker or whatever. If your management wants to make sure everything's cool they can contact me or my family.
If I have to I'll write MTV to have them ask you on air. I'll write a song and sing it to you on bended knee. I'll write EVERY radio station in this area about it and have them play your music. I have this letter on a web page along with pictures of me at the dances before then so you can see what I look like all dressed up.
( http://dottythecuteone.tripod.com/promdate/ ) I'll have all my friends write you letters to convince you to go with me. I will do EVERYTHING in my power to convince you to go and get you there. So PPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE will you go with me? Help make my one wish in life come true. Otherwise I'll be dateless and alone on one of the second most important nights in my Senior year. I've worked soo incredibly hard to get your name out there. I've written a music review for our school's newspaper on your C.D. (I can bring you a copy of it the next time I see you), I've made a web page dedicated to you that took me Over 72 hours to perfect, I've given out your bumper stickers to all my friends and other people at my school that like rock, I've done sooo much work to be your biggest fan. You've asked for nothing of me yet I've done so much for you, all I'm asking for is a date to my senior prom. Please don't destroy my dream without even trying to make it come true. Take all the time you need to think about it.. well.. not all the time you need..up till the middle of April at least. I'll be waiting for your answer. You can e-mail me, write me, or call me with the information below. I hope to here from you soon.
Rock On,

To go to my Prom Date web page that has all the info on this check out the link page when you're finished reading through everything.